What To Lose Before Tying The Knot

What to Lose to Have A Happy and Healthy Marriage

“It takes two to tango” — this famous statement never loses its relevance when it comes to love, relationships, and marriage. Why? Because marriage requires both partners to cooperate and work together to make it last and to keep it healthy. However, before establishing this, you need to make sure that you also establish good rapport within yourself before you consider marriage.

You need to let go of certain attributes and outlooks that you keep within yourself — things that may potentially threaten or ruin your marriage in the long run. Here are some of them:

  • Close-mindedness

In marriage, it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. Carrying this baggage as you enter the married life can be a disaster. Not considering your partner’s opinions can be interpreted as belittling your partner, or lacking respect for them and their ideas. It could also mean that you are not open to changes within the relationship when in fact, it is essential for both of you in order to grow.

For instance, when you engage yourself into an interracial marriage, close-mindedness must be tossed outside the window as cultural and behavioral differences are highly anticipated in such a union. Hence, if you plan on tying the knot soon, it is empirical that you leave this baggage prior to your flight towards a lifetime of commitment.

  • Selfishness

When you get to tie the knot, you will soon realize that your future family is given much priority and value. Marriage means making great sacrifices for the sake of your family and you will not be able to do this, if you always think of yourself first, rather than the welfare of your spouse and children. Thus, as early as now, you must remove this mindset before boarding the plane towards marriage.

  • Egocentrism

Egocentrism is somehow similar, yet contextually different from selfishness. If selfishness means thinking of yourself first, regardless of the pressing needs of others, egocentrism is the inability to see other people’s perspectives than that of one’s self. Here, you become too self-focused that you cannot view yourself as part of other people’s world; instead, you tend to view people as part of your world only.

This is a huge deal breaker for most ladies, especially foreign women. Losing this baggage is very detrimental in making your marriage last; if this kind of attitude is kept, it means you are unwilling to acknowledge your partner’s needs. This can become too exhausting and painful for your spouse in the long run.

  • Possessiveness

Rather than being possessive by trying to control or dominate your spouse, be someone who is considerate and trustful. No relationship will last without trust and in doing so, it allows your partner to grow in her own space and become a better person in the course of your relationship. Being possessive can make your partner feel choked and imprisoned. Due to this, it might lead them to desire getting out of such a relationship, and may even result to infidelity.

  • Personal Desires

If you are planning to tie the knot, you must also be ready to give up some of your own personal desires. Keep in mind, you do not only work hard for yourself, but for your partner as well. There is no more “yours” or “mine” because there only exists “us”, when it comes to goals.

Why? Because the achievement of the other is also your achievement. Establishing this kind of mindset would require you to have common goals in the relationship. Take the time to picture out and talk to your partner about the kind of future you will be building together. By setting common goals and desires, it can strengthen your relationship.

  • Believing that sexual intercourse will always be fantastic

Sex is definitely one of the things that couples look forward to after tying the knot. Most imagine it to be enjoyable and fantastic, but let’s face it: some aspects in a relationship gets stale after a while, and that includes sex. By acknowledging this, there will be less disappointment in the bedroom. Nonetheless, it’s always up to the couple on how they can spice things up in their relationship to make it more exciting than it was during the first time.

What couples need to remember is that marriage requires a lot of work and effort. Unlike dancing the tango, you can’t just stop because you got tired or your feet hurt. Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman; it is a lifetime commitment wherein sacrifices are made, and certain aspects are reconsidered in order to keep the relationship going.

Now, if you are trying to get on board on a flight towards marriage while carrying the baggages mentioned above, the ride will surely be a bumpy one. It can not only potentially hurt you, but your partner as well. To avoid this from happening, make sure to leave these behind for a light and happy travel ahead of you.


Top 5 Amazing Qualities of Single Foreign Women

Top 5 Amazing Qualities of Single Foreign Women

Along with the emergence of social networking sites in the virtual world, various matchmaking services came into the dating scene and made a significant impact in the singles industry. Thousands of these websites have only one goal and that is to help individuals find their true love.

Wherever you are in the world, as long as you have an established connection in the digital realm, chances are high for you in meeting the woman you will tie the knot with someday. Although it’s still challenging to find the one because of the thousands of women registered in a specific site, some features will assist you in having an accessible and convenient journey for love.

Here, we listed 5 amazing qualities foreign women are proud to have. Consider these points and find out for yourselves why these women are worthy of your love and attention.

A beautiful Asian woman on her traditional dress.
  • Exotic Beauty – Compared to the women in the West, foreign women tend to look more attractive and sexy. Take for example – Thai women. These Asian women look very exotic and enticing. They have slender bodies, model-like figures, and beautiful postures. Although some Asian women aren’t tall, the same with Filipinas who are known to be petite, their personalities are what attracts them the most. Moreover, western men’s ideal woman is shorter than them.
  • Traditional Single foreign women are raised in accordance with their traditions and culture. Their diversity to Western singles is their edge in becoming an effective partner. They are known to be conservative and conventional, especially in a relationship. In addition, the attributes these women have acquired from their ancestors may be passed to you and your future family. If you decided on marrying a foreign bride, expect to experience a firsthand culture and profound tradition.
  • Family Oriented – For Philippine women, a family is central to their lives. This is the reason why in the Philippines, families have a strong relationship with each other. Foreign women seeking marriage tend to nurture and give enough care to their families. They put a lot of importance to every member of a family and make sure that love is evident inside their homes. If you get lucky in marrying one, you’ll surely have a well-established and love-filled home.
  • Marriage-minded – Foreign brides take marriage seriously. This means being monogamous in a relationship. Say for example – Colombian women. For these ladies, marriage should be well taken care of and trust and commitment should be always present. This is one of the reasons why they are one of the best foreign brides in the world. In a family setting, single foreign women take much responsibility in it. They would go far from what’s expected to make sure that love is sufficient in a family and their marriage.
  • Age doesn’t matter to them – This is one of the glaring proofs why American men prefer marrying younger foreign women. The big age difference is not a problem for these brides. They choose older men because of the nurturing and responsible love they get. They believe that mature men handle relationship better than the millennials we have today. They wanted a man who has already established a goal and someone who can provide his future family’s necessities.

A New Bride, a legit matchmaking site, which has been on operation for more than two decades, have been an effective channel for men looking for their true love. A mixture of races of women, including Asians, Europeans, and even Latinas take part of the service and have met with a lot of men for marriage.

Take the chance of a lifetime and consider all the traits stated above. Take into account the life you’ll have when deciding to marry a beautiful, single foreign woman.

Best Wedding Songs for A New Bride


Make your bride’s symbolic walk down the aisle as meaningful as possible with this list of wedding songs. Choose the song that best depicts your feelings for your new bride.

Meaningful Songs for A New Bride

Have you already got down on one knee and popped the question to your new bride? If she said yes, then you might be wondering how to make the most out of this amazing moment shared between the two of you.

Keep in mind that weddings are, without a doubt, one of the most complicated events to prepare for. Creating a ceremony that’s as perfect as possible requires time and effort from the groom, the bride, families, and friends. One aspect that carries enormous weight is choosing the right entrance song for your new bride to walk down the aisle to.

Choosing the perfect song for your bride at that powerful moment is a thoughtful act of love. She will certainly appreciate it if you’re able to find a song that captures the beauty of your relationship and your true emotions for her. Finding that perfect song can be stressful, however, especially if you have a foreign bride who comes from a different culture.

To help you narrow down your search (and impress your would-be foreign wife), here are some of the best wedding entrance songs. These tunes are guaranteed to make your bride’s symbolic walk down the aisle as moving and memorable as possible:

A new bride
A beautiful new foreign bride with her unique blue bouquet

This song is best for foreign women from the Philippines since it was written and performed by a Filipino singer-songwriter, Rizza Cabrera. It was originally written for the wedding of a popular Filipino celebrity couple. This song expresses unconditional, fervent love between the couple — no matter the circumstances. This song embodies what single Filipino women from the Philippines believe, that unconditional love will carry you through the trials of your relationship.

  1. Turning Page by Sleeping at Last (2011)

Written for a blockbuster Hollywood romantic film, this song gained popularity after the movie exploded at the box office. This song is perfect for Chinese brides since the message of the song is really about destiny and fate.

Chinese culture is known for widespread belief in abstract forces that supposedly predetermine our fate. They believe that destiny brings lovers together, and this song by the group Sleeping at Last is about just that.

  1. Beautiful in White by Shane Filan (2017)

This is a very popular song for weddings as the story behind the lyrics is a profound and moving one. It’s all about a man who declares his timeless love and ceaseless affection for his bride who – as the title suggests – looks beautiful in a white wedding dress.

This song may be especially meaningful for Kiev brides since it puts emphasis on a true love that can never be separated by time or circumstances. Foreign brides from Kiev traditionally believe that marriage is the way to achieve a lifetime of love and companionship.

  1. Born for You by David Pomeranz (2016)

This song is another masterpiece from singer-songwriter David Pomeranz and has become exceedingly popular around the world. This song expresses that, in a world of 7.7 billion people, there’s someone out there who was born just for you and is your destiny.

This is a wedding song that would fit perfectly with the loving sensibilities of Peruvian women. They believe that finding love isn’t just mere happenstance, but a concrete manifestation of destiny.

  1. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (2014)

Arguably the most popular wedding song of the 21st century, Thinking Out Loud was popularized by British, Grammy award-winning, singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran.  This song contains a promise of everlasting love with lyrics stating that love can and must stand the test of time.

If a foreign bride from Bangkok were to hear this song as she walks down the aisle to her husband, you can expect tears. These women have a very romantic and fairytale-like idea of love. They believe that even when you’re old and gray, your love for each other should never waiver.

  1. Marry Me by Train (2010)

Despite being released in 2010, this song continues to be a hit even until today. The title alone sums up the message and emotional content of this tune.

The lyrics are about love at first sight and a man’s unrelenting desire to be with his bride, for as long as time allows. If you and your foreign fiancé’s love story relates to this message, then this could be the song playing in the background, as she officially becomes your foreign wife.

  1. Through the Years by Kenny Rogers (1981)

This is a timeless masterpiece by the musical legend Kenny Rogers. Despite being released decades ago, the message and melody never seem to go out of style.

This song talks about an unwavering love that – just like the song itself – has stood the test of time. Any bride who takes to the aisle to meet her destiny while this song plays will surely be moved to tears, as the deeply meaningful words and hauntingly sweet tones float over the venue.  

The moment when a single foreign woman treads down the aisle to become a new bride is one of, if not the most, symbolic part of a wedding ceremony. These are her final moments as a single woman, which she is relinquishing for a lifetime with you. Choose a melody that will define this important moment and your lives together. Take the time to choose from among these songs and make your bride’s walk down the aisle a walk to remember.

The Questions Of Love


LOVE — a four-letter word that most of us find difficult to define and, sometimes, comprehend. It makes us do certain things that are oftentimes unexpected. It brings out the best in us, but it can also bring out the worst. It can be both a dream and a nightmare for someone. This is how confusing love is, yet we cannot help ourselves but to fall in love over and over amidst all the confusions.

True enough, love is beautiful yet it puts us into uncertainties and doubts which then result to confusions in the process. Whether you choose to love someone within your local borders, or date fiercely beautiful Russian women and highly-hospitable Ukrainian women, you have to analyze your decisions and actions thoroughly since love is not a joke. With this, it is inevitable that questions would linger in our minds. In the long run, these questions will help us determine the right decisions to make. Here are few of the questions of love we commonly encounter:


  • Is this love?


This is usually the first thing we ask ourselves. We are quite unsure of what we feel or whether we are feeling something, or maybe, we just got used to having the person around us. Being happy with the person’s company cannot usually determine the answer as what most of us have misconception about. To answer this question in our minds, we usually imagine ourselves whether our life would be the same without the person or not and whether we will be the same without the person. We may be happy having the person around, but try to think if you could have the same happiness regardless of that person’s presence in your life. If you can’t lose that person, then you already know the answer.


  • Why did I fall in love?


After affirming what you really feel, you might be left wondering how it all happened, and how you ended up falling for that certain individual. Usually, this will not give you an answer because love is not something you can determine through a single aspect. If you say you love her because she’s beautiful, then it’s quite a shallow reason of feeling so. Loving means accepting the totality of the person, including her flaws. This is actually one of the reasons why love is such an unexplainable context; thus, the question as to why you fell for her could just be the hardest one to answer.



  • Am I ready to commit?


More often than not, this question comes when we start dating and especially when we are nearing the course of marital life. With all honesty, no one else can answer the question but ourselves. We need to assess whether or not we are ready of certain future events, may it be good or bad. Know that commitment also comes with responsibilities toward your partner. It may require you to make an effort even greater than you could have imagined, but this will never matter if you truly love the person. After the self-evaluation process, spare yourself from guilt and your partner from heartache if you’re not yet ready for commitment.


  • What if it fails?


We ask this because we are too afraid to take risks and also because of indefinite uncertainties. Know that when you love, you ought to give out your best, yet not everything. There should always be more for yourself to pick up the pieces if ever it breaks. Yet, if you truly love someone, you should not be thinking of failing; rather, think of how to make it a successful and happy relationship for both of you.

We all have different approaches in love. Whatever it may be, the end goal is all the same — to love and be loved back. Take the risk and love hard because in love, everything is worth it.